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The mountains of Galtür

All this offers the high alpine region:

The attraction of taking a breath - healthy and vital holidays in the alpine region. The high alpine region offers a climate, which is precious and sustainably recreational. 
Tyrol's first climatic spa on 1.600 metres above sea level:
Mountain air and spring water are the basis of a healthy stay with additional benefits. The mountains provide strength and energy. They reward you with joie de vivre. Recharge your batteries, let go of worries and stay active - these are the most important aspects of a beautiful stay. Reach the summit - within yourself and in the mountains. We complete the offer enthusiastically with regional products in your diet. 


Sports and activity in the mountains of Tyrol - recharge your batteries, take a break from everyday-life and stress and just enjoy time with your loved ones. No matter if you prefer comfortable walks or challenging activities - Galtür with its activity- and sports-programme offers the right thing for you. 


Our Hotel Silbertaler is surrounded by the fascinating, unique and breathtaking mountains of Galtür. A real feast for the eyes! From the fascinating nature we receive fresh mountain air, that strengthens us mentally and physically and makes us fit for everyday life. 


  • Wild thyme

    Also known as: Breckland thyme
    Use in the kitchen: mountain lamb, venison, Galtür chanterelle goulash, potato dishes
    Medicinal herb: disinfectant and anti-inflammatory (throat, mouth, pharynx)

  • Mountain yarrow

    Also known as: common yarrow
    Use in the kitchen: egg dishes and decoration 
    Medicinal herb: blended with thyme as tea

  • Mountain watercress

    Starts to grow right after the melting of the snow and is eagerly awaited by the people of Galtür.
    Traditional dish: Wiener Schnitzel with potato salad and watercress, it contains al lot of vitamin C and minerals, goes perfectly with all potato dishes. 

  • Alpine ramsons

    Also known as: wild garlic

    A real diamond in the kitchen - used fresh - durable for months as pesto. Do not boil, always add to dishes at the end.
    Medicinal herb: similar to garlic, therefore very healthy! 

  • Alpenrose

    A queen of alpine flowers. She makes the mountains color- and beautiful.
    Medicinal plant: dried as tea (against cough) or as jelly on your bread, as tincture, aso. In Galtür dialect: Bliasch
    As a special welcome we have chosen the Alpenrose as table decoration. 

  • Galtür Mountain Herb Jelly

    Find out more about the alpine delicacies of the Silvretta HERE (German version only)

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